Yogi Sarkar: First year, year of encounter

After assuming the office of Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh, from March 20, 2017 to February, 2018, there have been about eleven hundred and fifty encounters in about 11 months. Of these, 44 alleged criminals were killed and around one and a half thousand were injured. Questions are now being raised on these encounters in the name of correcting law and order. Questions on the manner of encounters, the story of the police, the injuries of the encounter victims, etc., also raise questions.

The biggest question is, ‘Encounter is done, or it happens?’ Looking at the statements of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, it is not difficult to conclude that the encounter is done and it is done by marking the alleged criminals. This means that the encounter is usually pre-planned (certainly not all encounters can be said to be so). In such a situation, should these incidents be considered an encounter or not?


According to the law, death in such an encounter is death, not death? In the eyes of the law which does not have its own eye. He looks at the chargesheets and eye witnesses. A delegation of the Rihai Manch, an organization fighting for the release of innocents, raised some questions based on the facts gathered from the families of the four alleged criminals who were killed in similar encounters in Azamgarh district and the people around them. In fact, it has been described as a murder by the government machinery.

The interim report released after meeting the families and villagers of Chhanu Sonkar, Ramji Pasi, Jaihind Yadav and Mukesh Rajbhar, who were killed in an encounter in Azamgarh under the leadership of Rajeev Yadav, the general secretary of Riya Manch, is about to be shocked.

Channu Sonkar

Chhanu took Sonkar from the guava orchard and when he did not return home till late night, the family called him on his mobile. It was found that he is in Jahanaganj police station. Father Jhabbu Sonkar and his sisters told that the next morning two policemen reached his house and told that Chhannu is undergoing treatment at the district hospital. After reaching the hospital, the family came to know about his death in the encounter.

Mukesh Rajbhar

Mukesh Rajbhar’s mother told that her son used to work in Kanpur. 15 days ago the policemen went to his house and abused and assaulted him. Policemen asked for Mukesh’s address in Kanpur. Her mother alleges that the policemen were demanding a huge amount in bribe from her. He told that the police picked him up from Kanpur on January 26 at 9 am. At twelve o’clock in the day, Ramjan Sipahi called her mother and asked her how much field she had. The mother told the police that Mukesh had been taken but did not beat him, but the police killed him in an encounter. Mukesh was shot in the chest. The police have accused Mukesh of shooting the captive guard.

Jaihind yadav

Jaihind Yadav’s father Shivpujan Yadav told that Jaihind was going to bring medicine with him. Some people in plain clothes caught him from the middle way and filled him in the Bolero car and left me in the middle of the road and went away. After that it was reported that he died in an encounter with the police. Jaihind had 21 bullets.

Ramji Pasi

Dinesh Saroj, the father of Ramji Pasi, who was a member of Kshetra Panchayat, said that the police first imposed fake cases against him and then killed him in a fake encounter. He said that Ramji had won the Kshetra Panchayat election by 600 votes, due to which some upper caste people were jealous of him and they also have a hand in the encounter.

The delegation of Riya Manch also met the family members of Rais Ahmed who were injured in a police encounter in Barabanki. Rais’s wife said that on 30 December, as soon as it got dark, the policemen, who came in plain clothes with informer Abid, forcibly picked him up from the village.

The wife of Rais, who contested the district panchayat elections, said that her husband was in a rage over the election of Pradhani from some people of the village. He was earlier accused of cutting the canal. He also alleged that Ambari Bazar had a plan to kill him in an encounter but after a word spread, he was injured in a fake encounter in Barabanki after about a week.

A story of every encounter

The police have accused all the alleged criminals of being involved in several crimes and claimed cash prizes on them. Apart from this, there are many things in the police story after these encounters which are the same in all cases. Like all the accused were going by bike. He also had a partner with each of them. When the police tried to stop them, the bike riders started firing at them. The police retaliated in the defense in which one of the accused who was shot by the accused was either killed or injured, but his other partner managed to escape.

After the encounter, apart from the bike, a weapon was also recovered in every incident. Rhea Manch General Secretary Rajiv Yadav questioned how one can get 21 bullets in an encounter with a bike rider and after 21 bullets, the police say that Jaihind died on the way to hospital, many natural questions arise in the story itself. Does.

Similarly, the place where the bullet was shot in Mukesh Rajbhar’s chest and which also caused his death, there is a possibility of surviving for a few minutes after being shot at that place, in the police district hospital, he died during treatment Saying this is causing doubt.

The Uttar Pradesh State Human Rights Commission has also taken cognizance of all the questions arising after the surge in encounters.