This is the ring of the mandal in front of the victory chariot of Kamandal.

Who called the Bharat Bandh against the Supreme Court’s decision to allegedly blunt the Scheduled Caste-Tribe Atrocities Prevention Act (now called Harijan Act due to opposition from Dalits)? You will get silence in response to this question because no one did.

This news was spread through WhatsApp and Facebook. It was a spontaneous outburst of the anger of Dalits for a long time, behind which there is not just one single law.

This is the last year of the Modi government. Elections are on the way, which had to be concluded in the midst of serial communal riots (which have already started in Bihar-Bengal), according to a previously written script by Hindutva. The motive was to win elections easily by covering the four years of failures and bank scams. In such a situation, the sudden emergence of Dalit emergence in cities and towns has deep meaning. Indicators of our stupid democracy are telling that politics is about to turn once again.

Striked by the shock of the movement, the central government has tried to control the damage by filing a review petition in the Supreme Court, but it is caught red handed shedding fake tears for the Dalits. Ideally, the government should have brought an ordinance in Parliament to nullify the court’s decision not to file an FIR against Dalit oppression without investigation, but the government is asking the Supreme Court to change its decision.

Racial Discrimination

When preparations are being made to impeach the Chief Justice of the country on charges of discrimination and senior judges are judging the friendship of the judiciary and the government as dangerous to democracy, it is necessary to assure that the SC / ST Act is blunt The government had nothing to do with the effort of, it would be difficult to the extent of impossible. Anyway, this is not the only reason for the dalits to go out.

Sporadic sparks were seen before the explosion, but a section of the media, WhatsApp University and the BJP IT cell’s noise of smokeless propaganda was ignored. The cutting of Brahmins’ janeu in Tamil Nadu after the demolition of Periyar’s idol in the frenzy of Tripura Vijay was a similar phenomenon.

It is not uncharacteristic that many Dalit ministers and MPs including Ram Vilas Paswan, Ramdas Athawale, Udit Raj and Savitri Bai Phule have started speaking out against their own government, disregarding the general secretary general of Modi. He may have lost his credibility in the last general election, frustrated by Modi’s charisma with the Dalits voting for the BJP, but he has lost the temper of Dalits through a network of loyal workers in his constituencies Is starting to feel They should be able to join a government tomorrow, for that it is necessary to win the election. For this, he had started making new equations and finding new partners.

In the last general election, the Dalits of the biggest state of UP expressed their displeasure by quietly surrendering to Mayawati, which the BJP had not even imagined. The spirited RSS started the project of Virat Hindutva under the patronage of power, at one end of which there was khichdi banquet in slums and at the other end a Dalit was placed on the President’s seat.

As the frenzied noise of hatred of Muslims began to rise, Dalit volunteers like Shambhulal Rager, who were educated from WhatsApp, started coming forward who wanted to cut a Muslim and make a career in politics. By taking out the procession of Rager, it was found that Hindutva needed such bloody Dalits.

But in spite of these symbolic feats and juggling of words in four years, the cracks of Hindutva based on caste hatred and high base were not hidden. The murders of Dalits, rapes, persecution and breaking of the Ambedkar statue on the mustache, climbing the mare, going to the temple, stripping the animals, inter-caste marriages, refusal of forced labor were continuing as rudely as before.

Gahe Begahe was telling the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat the need to review the constitution and reservation. Saw ministers like Anant Hegde, too, started talking about changing the constitution in favor of Hindutva. Due to this duplication, there was a repeated message among the Dalits that the RSS-BJP wants to use them to regain power but eventually Baba Saheb wants to change the constitution made by Bhimrao Ambedkar, and abolish reservation. Ambedkar’s status for Dalits is even higher than that of Lord Ram for the BJP.


In this spontaneous protest, very few slogans were raised about the SC / ST Act. Most of the placards had Ambedkar’s photo, warning of imminent danger on reservation and constitution. For the first time, the Dalits appeared backward, forgetting the insult of Mayawati’s state guest house scandal, which was a ground translation of joining hands with the enemy Samajwadi Party.

Another thing to be noted is that the blue-beaded Bhim Army of Saharanpur has spread throughout the Hindi belt, whose leader Chandrashekhar Ravan has been kept in jail despite getting bail. There is no organizational effort behind this. This spread has taken place through the same process whereby a saffron swarming and holding a sword-trident makes the RSS all-new affiliates overnight.

Politics is going to take a new turn due to this angry display. Once again, Mandal (social justice) is in front of Kamandal (religious fundamentalism) who does not hate Muslims but wants to change them.

A new force has emerged from among Hindus against Modi government and RSS It is happening which is actually the largest vote bank and it does not have any leader yet. One thing is certain that whoever the leader is, he will have to be convinced that he will not deal with the trust of the old Dalit leaders with the same forces against which he has been able to dare to stand against. Apparently a new Dalit leadership is being formed.