There is no money in banks, the government is lying

“If you tell the truth about Mudra loan, you will also be shocked. In many banks, 3 months closing is more focused on those accounts which are PNPA which means they are on the verge of being NPA. Now the manager makes a 40 thousand or 50 thousand Mudra loan in the name of benami, from that rupee he corrects 5-6 loans which are going to be NPA. Because by doing this he is saved from abusing from above. Now, to pay the interest of this Mudra loan, he will repay from the Benami Mudra loan that will be loaned in the next quarter. See, only the target given from above is fulfilled, no abuses have to be heard, for that we have to fudge. We only know how to sleep at night. I am drinking wine. ”

This story is an autobiography of a banker. Countless bankers have written about their moral crisis. They are unable to bear this burden of lies on their conscience. There is no one to take a money loan, but the banker is being pressured to give loan to anyone without investigation. I am not making any claim, but what is coming out through the conscience of the bankers Should be heard

I have read and deleted thousands of messages from bankers. Now it seems that his words should be presented in some form or the other. You may think that there is only one thing in all, but the burden of lies has become so heavy that every day a new anecdote surprises us. You will not believe what a banker has written to us.

Some Irrelevant Excuses

“Ravishji, I have messaged you once before. I have a few months of work left. Going to retire In the last few years, the reputation of my institution has been reduced by my own mind and there is no reason why I can be proud of it. Many customers visit our branches every day who say that they are not getting the transaction messages (there has been a shortage for almost three years). We make various excuses on this. The bank charges Rs 15 per quarter and GST for the SMS service to its customers (ie even part goes to the government). For a service that is not given properly. Hardly 20-30 percent of transactions will be reported, but the charges are taken shamelessly. If you go to the branches and ask the customers yourself, then you will know the reality. I want the bank to return the money deducted in the last two years to each customer and in this way make some improvement in their horoscope. Will some customers be able to return their money to all the customers through the court for this? I want to see you together against this injustice. ”

The difference from the bank series is that the soul of the bankers is becoming vocal. They are also human. They cannot bear the burden on their conscience. They know that one day the chairman and the above people will fly in the air and these people will go to jail. Now this lie has spread so much that even the Reserve Bank has been neutralized. He does not have the ability to catch the lies spread on this scale. If the bankers today are convinced that the public will support them in any case, then they will start putting forth such lies that will blow your senses. Your money has already flown.

The bottom line of a message in English is that, because everyone feels right from above, fake additions and subtractions are being done in the books of banks. His Holiness Nirav Modi ji himself ran away, the finance minister could not speak yet, but the bankers are being punished. By transferring from this state to that state. The bank does not even fulfill the transfer costs.

If you talk to two thousand bankers, then you will feel that the bankers are also running the bank from their pocket. Which I have mentioned in the story of the slave bankers. They are beginning to understand their slavery. By placing his job at stake, he cannot stand directly against the bank, but now his conscience is forced to speak. Bankers are telling me their grief from places across the country where my channel does not even come for several months. To make the government’s claims big and truthful, the Farzivada happening within the banks, you may not pay attention today, but the day these banks are full, you will keep crying on the road.

I think daily how to use these messages. Now it seems that before deleting, I should take a part of their talk and put it here. The frauds that are going on about the Mudra loan, the stories that I have read, I have now started to understand that what happened within the banks of America and Britain, is now happening in Hindustan. Bankers are still not understanding this crisis. They are fighting their battle for salary but the agony tells them to sell insurance by cross selling and lying.

They are collapsing due to the fraud being done to make the currency loan figure larger. In the structure of a bank, there are only ten to five people in a state. Thousands of employees and officers are being pressured through them. The commission to sell insurance is given to these top five officers. I have understood as much.

With this message written in English, you must have understood that a customer was sold the insurance policy without his permission. When the English banks are victims of lies, imagine what will happen to the poor. I have also heard that money is being withdrawn from poor account holders without their knowledge or permission. When they are demanding to return, the banker told that there is no process to return the money. A bank manager said that this is how our bank is

He makes a profit of six thousand crores.

Atal Pension Yojana People can also be cheated in the name of Atalji, I was not sure. Hundreds of bankers are telling that no one is taking, we are being forced to give. A banker wrote that when it was seven o’clock today he went out. Three people were caught from the tea shop. Signed and put a hundred rupees out of his pocket, completed his target and went home. Otherwise you would have to sit till nine o’clock at night. In this way, the Atal Pension Yojana is being sold. Many bankers said that this scheme is also not correct. There is no point in it. We asked, if we do not understand so closely, this is their answer.

“Sir, in today’s time, tell a customer about investment, then his first question is how much is the return and in how many years. Sir, in the case of Atal Pension Yojana, the entry year is 20 years. After that comes the fund of the age of the customer, which determines the premium. Seven people out of 10 disappear after hearing 20 years. The three who are left take the plan because of good relations. Now comes the matter of running the policy. I have sold some 70 Atal Pension Policy so far. Hardly any of these would have accumulated more than 3- 4 premiums. Sir, I have studied MBA. I put all my knowledge and methods to tell the customer everything and sell it, but there is no use. I would not have taken this advantage myself. It is not good to save my job, to run my daily bread with false pride, a customer who wants to save his hard earned money with confidence in the future, I should go with wrong advice. As much effort is being made by the bankers to sell all these APYs and insurance, at that time the bankers could change the figure of the business. ”

After reading the condition of women bankers, my condition has started getting worse. When my book was being launched on Saturday evening, a number was flashing continuously. Flashed so many times that it was irritated in the end. I started speaking in a loud voice that you would message. What is it that you have been calling for half an hour continuously. Katar voice coming from there changed my whole mood. Forgot that I have come at the launch of my book.

Mental Pressure

“Sir, I have got my colleague in the bank for not selling insurance. I left at eight o’clock but will leave it only after nine o’clock at night. His child is very ill. There is a very high fever. no one is at home. She lives here alone with her child. If you flashed the news, he would get discharged. Anyway, it will take forty minutes to get home from the bank. The condition of that mother has worsened. This is the daily story. If we do not sell insurance, officers are kept in the bank till late night. ”

A female banker sent a message that I have to go to the bank even today with my child because there is no one to see him. Bankers also have to go on Sundays. They do not get any leave in return. Reading the condition of women bankers, I started feeling helpless. Many times it seems that the arrogance of the government, chairman, ED type officers can increase so much or we will have to tolerate so much that they will make our condition like a slave.

I do not say in any mood to go to the banks and save the women working there. I have written many articles, but neither the Women’s Commission nor the feminist organizations have made a difference. Everyone needs a relaxing trip. The lie that the government is depositing within the banks, now there is a lie left. The media is showing stories of electoral victory to AAP, but the condition of the man has become slavery, he will not show because the dock media itself is a slave media.

Now-a-days, 13 lakh bankers will have to think whether they can accept slavery for themselves in the greed of the commission given to a few top officials? Women bankers have to hold each other’s hands, have to come out, have to pay the price for freedom.

Note- Let this article go village to village and tell people that women bankers are kept as slaves within the banks, they have to be saved. The condition of male bankers is also bad. They also have to be saved.