The talk of economic slavery being written in medical colleges of Uttarakhand

Private Medical College of Uttarakhand has increased fees by 400 percent. Around 650 students study in three private medical colleges here. Half of them are from Uttarakhand. The state government has given permission to increase the fees to the medical college. If you know the effect of this game, then the sleep of the night will fly away. After that, there will be no way left in front of you, except to self-destruct in a religious procession in the name of Hindu-Muslim.

Till now, the fees of first year MBBS of private medical colleges here was 6 lakh 70 thousand which has now directly increased to 23 lakh. The fee for the second year was 7 lakh 25 thousand which has now increased to 20 lakh and in the third year the fee has increased from 7 lakh 36 thousand to 26 lakh. Students who are in the second year will also have to pay an increased share of the first year fees from the back date i.e. the second year student will have to pay about 40 lakh rupees.

Now what else is this economic slavery?

The government has found a way to enslave the public. They have no choice left now. Either the government should refund this inhuman fee hike in 24 hours or else these students accept the economic slavery. Can any college take a discount in the name of college fees to the extent that it sells everything to you.

It is okay that even the fees of 6 lakhs are not low, but for the career, students take loan, another burden of 50 lakhs is being imposed on them. Not only that, now that they are trapped, they will take a loan. This is called economic slavery. Because if any of them wants to leave the education, then they will have to pay 60 lakh rupees to get out. According to any understanding of economics, it is a slave.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat has told TV-18 that it takes 700-800 crore rupees to build a private medical college. Has anyone made a medical college by investing so much money?

Who has audited that there is a medical college worth 800 crores. All these arguments are being given by taking advantage of not having economic consciousness. You keep on offering religious hysteria, under the guise of this, people are falling victim to economic slavery in schools and colleges.

I asked many families directly whether any of you are from a family of black money, or who has a lot of money, which got the answer. I was embarrassed. Most of the students are from middle and ordinary families. They are not donated. All these NEET have passed the competitive examination. By bringing 450 points. These colleges were chosen because private colleges are expensive, but once they become doctors with the help of loans.

Now, taking advantage of their compulsion, this burden has been put. Atomic bombs have been blown on their heads. What is happening around us. Have the leaders really understood the people as slaves and have the people started thinking of themselves as slaves?