SSC scam and Hindi newspaper coverage

From the movement of Jayaprakash Narayan during the SSC scam and Hindi Emergency to the movement against corruption led by the recent Anna, youth and students played a big role. Students’ movements have given direction to the country’s politics.

From time to time, students keep hitting with the government and institutions for their demands. A similar movement is also going on with the SSAC scam, which has now entered its 18th day. The media attention also went to this due to increasing movement of leaders. But the media attention was diverted from this after the assurance of the demand for a CBI inquiry (which the students refused to accept).

It is necessary to clarify here that when the sporadic news of the movement was appearing on TV media and various websites, the view of Hindi print media was different. It seems as if the newspapers in Hindi have shed their heads from the news of students, farmers (latest report of Newslaundry) and laborers.

The Vacancies

In the Sunday issue of most Hindi newspapers, information about vacancies is printed, but newspapers do not tell how difficult the employment conditions are. Information about vacancies from government to private is printed, employment related supplements are also mostly in newspapers, but on these topics, a detailed story on the problems related to them is rarely seen.

We have also seen earlier that the news of farmers, laborers and students is not made until the media gets spice in it. The importance of Tamilnadu farmers sitting on fast in Delhi was realized when they experimented like drinking Narmund and urine. Maharashtra farmers were discussed when they reached Mumbai.

In this context, students sitting outside the SSAC CGO Complex also have complaints from the media. According to him, his movement is being understood as the statements of leaders and the demand of CBI. The media either does not understand their issues or is deliberately not spreading their problems to the people.

Here we have taken a review of a week’s reporting of some leading Hindi newspapers.

This student movement started on 27 February. We have included newspapers from February 28 to March 7 in the survey. Due to the holiday of Holi, the newspapers of 3 February could not be included.

Firstly, in the table below, the names of the newspapers, the page number and the column of news printed in it are listed by date. This will make it easier to analyze which newspaper has raised this issue prominently or neglected it on which date.

28 February

Since 27 February, SSC candidates have been scolded in front of SSC office for their demands. But on 28 February, no newspaper has published any news related to it.

01 March

On March 1, no newspaper except Navbharat Times has corrected this. Navbharat Times has titled its three-column story on March 1 titled ‘SSC scam-Protest shut down metro station.’ The title of Navbharat Times news, which claims to be the readers’ favorite newspaper in urban areas, has also given its readers Keeps in mind.

Though the reporter gives information about the SSC scam case, but does not include the statement or views of any student on this issue. The correspondent writes that a large number of candidates outside the SSC office raised their voices, including members of AISA, Swaraj India. Along with this, students of many institutions including DU, JNU, Jamia also participated in it.

The reporter forgets to mention that students from different places of different states are participating in this Protest. If we look at the news as a whole, Navbharat Times deserves congratulations for putting the matter in place.

2 March

The New Delhi edition of Dainik Jagran has placed it on a special page like ‘Holi I Re’. The newspaper has prominently featured the Holi being celebrated by the leaders and their special parties in the middle of this page. Below that is a short story of two columns, in which the news has been prepared by taking input from the side of Yogendra Yadav and NSUI.

Dainik Bhaskar has done a detailed story of six columns on this lately. In this, both the issues and compulsions of students have been given place. Along with the allegations of the students, the reply of the commission has also been given place by the reporter in his story.

Rashtriya Sahara has prepared its story only on the statement of Yogendra Yadav, President of Swaraj India. The students’ side is missing in the two-column story.

4 March

On March 4, all newspapers reported it. Story has also got enough space. Actually, the students had started a campaign on social media about the sit-in demonstration for five days. Under whose pressure many leaders visited the protest site. Consequently, the media also covered it.

For example, Amar Ujala, who has not done a single story so far, puts a story in about half a page on this day. The title is ‘Leaders who are supporting the students who are performing’. It prominently features the talk of AISA, ABVP and MP Manoj Tiwari supporting the students.

Dangerous Protests

Rajasthan Patrika also writes in its first two-column story in this context that amidst the increasing number of students and fierce protests, the heat of the leaders has also started.

The story in the three-column story of Dainik Jagran’s Delhi edition begins in such a way that the students’ agitation continues in the case of question paper-leaks in SSC exam. JLN metro station was not opened even after Holi due to the fierce student agitation. The first thing in the context of this news is that the students’ movement was going on in a peaceful manner. Second is that the news of the news which is the essence of the news has given importance to the closure of the metro station on the issue of students sitting for five days.

Navbharat Times, Hindustan has reported well in this matter. Jansatta has also done adequate reporting. Rashtriya Sahara has featured prominently on Manoj Tiwari’s meeting with the commission and the closure of the metro station, but no agitator byte has been taken.

5 March

On March 4, Sunday evening, some protesting students meet the President of the SSC Commission under the leadership of MP Manoj Tiwari. The Commission agrees to recommend the CBI inquiry to the Department of Personnel and Training regarding allegations related to the question paper-1 of the examination held on 21 February.

Different newspapers present this news in different ways. If someone has put the title of his story by preparing ‘CBI investigation’, then someone has directly leaked ‘SSC paper must have CBI investigation’. Nobody tried to know the students’ side. While the students claimed that their partial demands were considered only.

Navbharat Times has titled “Students unhappy with CBI investigation of SSC paper leak.” Bhaskar has made the statement of BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi as the headline. The title is ‘Cannot show CBI notice to students, it is official process: Lekhi’, along with the sub-title- There are some elements in the demonstration which are misleading the students.

6 March

Dainik Jagran has published a seven-column story on the Delhi Jagran page about the SSC paper leak, but an input story has been placed in half of the story space, titled ‘Political Ranges have started taking the movement of examinees.’

Dainik Bhaskar and Jansatta have directly placed the CBI order of the government in the news. There is no favor of the students. However, Navbharat Times and Amar Ujala have clarified the matter that the students want the CBI investigation under the supervision of the Supreme Court.

7 March

The students are not confident of giving the assurance of a CBI investigation by the government. The students demand that the government give a written order for the CBI investigation on the SSC exams held in 2017-18. Navbharat Times and Rajasthan Patrika did not give this news a place. Columns of news printed in newspapers began to decrease.