Resignation of Raj Babbar: NDTV India in the grip of fake news

Twenty four by seven, the omission of TV channels in the run-up to the news is nothing new, but this time NDTV India, a relatively serious and fact-conscious news channel, has made a huge lapse. Although this news ran from anonymous sources on all the websites, NDTV India reported it to its reporter live on it.

At the National Congress of Congress, which ended in Delhi on the 19th, it was said to give the reins in the hands of the youth. Along with this, it was also clarified that the party is soon going to do the work of sharing the responsibilities afresh. Amidst all this, on Tuesday evening, the news emerged that Congress President of Uttar Pradesh Raj Babbar has resigned.

Defeat On The Cards

NDTV India took the news to its correspondent Umashankar Singh live that Raj Babbar has resigned from the post of Congress President. Umashankar told the audience through his channel that there will be a change in the state units of the Congress Party on a large scale. This change was likely long after the electoral defeat. Many state presidents have to be removed. Umashankar told that the resignation of Haryana Congress state president Ashok Tanwar has also been taken.

He said that it is not being announced officially by the party. But both the channel and the reporter were seen confirming the news. The question is: from what reliable source did NDTV get the news of Raj Babbar’s resignation? Is the channel stuck in fake news?

On the morning of the 22nd, Raj Babbar himself told the Times of India that the news of his resignation was rumored. Raj Babbar’s statement in this story was- “The command of the party has been given to the new president, the changes are certain.” But I have not resigned, I am ready to take any responsibility in this new beginning. ”

Haryana Pradesh Congress President Ashok Tanwar also denied the news of his resignation through a tweet and accused NDTV of running fake news without confirming from him.

Disapproval Of The Statement

Newslaundry tried to talk to NDTV correspondent Umashankar Singh in this regard but he declined to comment on it. However, according to the reports coming from the Congress sources, the news of the resignation of the Congress presidents was planted in the media by the rebel groups present in the Congress units of the respective states. There was also news of the resignation of Gujarat Congress chief Bharatsinh Solanki. Most of the media, instead of verifying the credibility of these news, left it as it is.

But can this defense issued by a journalist be accepted? Uma Shankar’s tweet raises many questions, for example, when the news was not confirmed, why did NDTV India run it? Why did the reporter himself not confirm those reports from the Congress party? How correct is the argument of a journalist that Congress leaders delay to refute rumors? So will the journalists make rumors and run news in the absence of rebuttal?

This incident points to another journalistic crisis of our time. Political parties keep trying to plant news and get blacked out. It is the job of journalists to ensure the credibility of the news, to include all the parties involved in the news. Otherwise, they will be forced to become puppets in the hands of political parties. It is easy to blame political parties on your head, it is not wise. It is not a commentary of cricket where the ball is in the air, the commentator praises the shot and when caught, the bowler starts praising the bowler.