Rajiv Chandrasekhar resigns from Republic TV board

Republic TV, which was a victim of criticism due to its birth, ended on 31 March. The channel’s promoter company, ARG Outliers Asia News Pvt. Ltd. Rajiv Chandrasekhar, the lead investor of the company, has resigned as the board director of the company.

According to Chandrasekhar, he took this decision because recently he has become the BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP. He has released a press statement to this effect on his Twitter timeline.

Chandrasekhar has said in his letter that he was associated with Republic TV as long as he was an independent Rajya Sabha MP but now that he has joined a party, it would be justice to the brand of Republic TV not to join him. Stay

Technically Chandrashekhar may be right that he was not associated with the BJP earlier and was an independent MP, but it is a public fact that he was the NDA convenor in Kerala and had also reached the Rajya Sabha with the support of the BJP earlier. It is evident that BJP is the main governing party of NDA. For this reason, questions were also raised about the conflict of interest when he invested money in Republic TV and started the channel with Arnab Goswami.

MediaVigil wrote on 26 January 2017 at the launch of Republic:

“The issue is not only about investment, but the concept of this republic has been conceptualized by its owners, they are also looking for a working army to create their republic accordingly. Amit Gupta, CEO of Jupiter Capital, Chandrashekhar’s company, had sent an email to his editorial chiefs, directing that journalists in the editorial team be right-wing, according to a September 21 news report from the Indian Express. Be pro-military, “adapt to the ideology of Chairman Chandrasekhar” and “adequate acquaintance with his views on nationalism and governance” .

Gupta later wrote another email to “ignore” this email, but when Arnab made public the idea behind his republic at the Under 25 Summit in Bangalore, it became clear that this new republic of TV was actually Actually, an army of journalists is needed to shake the tail as per the owner. Arnab said that he will work to save journalism from the journalism of Lutyens’ Delhi, because they are conciliatory and have no right to represent the public.

Can a journalist really be representative of the public? If the channel can be a ‘republic’, then the journalist can also be its representative. Obviously, the true representative will be the one with the concept of owning the Republic.

However, the Indian Express wrote to Arnab when asked whether his boss Chandrasekhar’s investment in the channel was not a conflict of interest as he himself was involved in defense deals and was also a member of Parliament’s standing committee on defense, as well as defense. He is also on the Consultative Committee of the Ministry. The newspaper did not get any response from Arnab on this.

Now it may be that Arnab Goswami will be able to answer all the questions that have been raised during the last one year after Rajiv Chandrasekhar’s removal from the board of the Republic, but during this period the actions taken by the channel to break the republic by resorting to his name and Conspiracies have been hatched, will Chandrasekhar’s resignation be able to answer him as well? Will Arnab be able to carry on his own on nationalism alone?