His love has saved me from the deep morass of depression: Stephen Hawking

A short history of time, a popular book such as ‘A Brief History of Time’, Stephen Hawking became a well-known worldwide name many years ago. His book ‘The Universe in a Nutshell’ came out in 2001, followed by another book ‘Black Holes and Baby Universe’ in 1993 and it also created panic. Record sales. Born on January 8, 1942, Hawking was physically handicapped and unable to speak or walk during the days of youth, suffering from a fatal disease. A special type of chair was prepared for him, which was equipped with many sophisticated equipment. Hawking’s computer was connected to a speech synthesizer system. Operate a switch tied to the hawking arm, choosing words one by one from the menu of words on the computer screen (words can also be selected from the head or eye movements.) When this is done and what Hawking wants to say. When they were made, they would send it to the speech synthesizer. From there again the ideas of this rare scientist used to resonate. In this way, a very fatal disease is ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) called Multiple Sclerosis i.e. MS or Motor Neuron Disease. Its patient and then the man who lost his voice during the treatment of a fatal attack of pneumonia, was busy solving the most miraculous science, the cosmology knots, which teased the conceit of medical science. This stubbornness was such that despite the doctors being dismissed, Hawking is not only good but he also has three children.

The BBC Radio 4 program ‘Desert Island Discs’ began airing in 1942. And it is the longest recorded program on radio. Its name is recorded in the Guinness Book. Now its status is similar to the national institute in Britain. The concept was conceived by noted radio presenter, writer novelist and playwright Roy Plomale. He was the first presenter of the program. It was introduced by Michael Parkinson after Plomle’s death in 1985. In 1988, another famous radio journalist, Sue Lavale, took over this responsibility. She kept presenting it for 18 years. The interview presented by Stephen Hawking is from him. He has been replaced by young journalist Christy Young since August 2006.

The scope of the guests of the program has been very wide. Under the program, many writers, artists, musicians, film actors, directors, sports personalities, comedians, kitchens, teachers, dancers, leaders, royalists, people, cartoonists and scientists have been interviewed. In the interview, it is said that such a unique talking ambience is created that it is not a radio studio but a place for the thoughts of the guests called for the interview. Someplace like hyperspace of physics. Guests are brought in as characters and they are asked which eight music records they would like to take with them if they were left alone in a deserted island. Fantasy is also an exemption to carry such a thing for luxury which has no relation with the living things world. Even if you are allowed to take large amounts of champagne! (Also imaginary). He has a book of choice to carry along (it is assumed that a religious book — the Quran or the Bible or other texts of the same standard — is already there and apart from this is Shakespeare’s entire work) It is done that the system of listening to music is available there. Let us also tell that the final stage of the ninth symphony of Beitofen has been the music of the choice of the guests of the last sixty years, ‘The Odd of Joy’.

Initiation Of The Program

When this program was first started, in those days, it was said in the beginning, introducing it… .. Suppose there is a gramophone and innumerable needles are available to run it. Now, a CD player powered by solar energy has been imagined that through it, the characters of the program, the guests will be able to listen to the music. This program is weekly, and the CD of the guests’ choice is run during the interview. The duration of the program is usually forty minutes. But this exception to Stephen Hawking was an exception, recorded over a period of time. This interview aired on 1992 Christmas Day.

In many cases Stephen you already understand the loneliness of the uninhabited island, cut off from normal physical life and deprived of natural means of communication, how lonely is that for you?

I do not think I am disconnected from normal life. And I don’t think people around me would say that I was like that. I do not consider myself a lame person – just that there are some mistakes in my motor neurones, understand that I am color blind. I feel that my life cannot be said to be natural but spiritually I feel that it is normal.

Moreover, unlike other characters of this program, you have already proved yourself that you are mentally and intellectually self-sufficient, that you have many principles and motivation to keep yourself busy.

I feel that I am naturally a bit introverted and my difficulties in communication have forced me to depend on myself. But I was very talkative in childhood. To wake myself up, I need to talk to other people. Explaining my thoughts to others helps me a lot in my work. Even if i

I do not get any suggestions but when I have to organize my thoughts to explain to others, it often gives me a way forward.

But what about Stephen’s emotional replenishment? Sharp physicists also need others to know this.

Physics is very good, but it is completely cold. I could not live my life only with physics. Like others, I also need warmth, love and loyalty. Once again I am very fortunate, far more fortunate than others with disqualifications like me that I have grown to love and have great luck. Music is also very important for me in this thought.

Tell us what makes you more happy. Physics or Music?

I have to say that in physics, when I keep searching and finding something, I am not as happy with music as I am. But these kinds of successful things are only selective in one’s career, whereas discs can be played whenever they want.

And the first record you want to play on your deserted island?

‘Gloria’ from Poulangk (French music composer), I first heard it last summer in Aspen, Colorado. Aspen is a sky resort but in summer there are meetings on physics. The door with the Physics Center opens in a huge tent where the Music Festival is performed. Here, when you are spending your head on what happens after the black hole disappears, you can hear the sounds of rehearsal. This is the ideal situation. My two major joys are found in this, physics and music. If these two are provided to me on my deserted island, then I would not like to be removed from here. I agree until I make such a discovery in theoretical physics that it is worth telling the world. I can get a satellite dish on the island so that I can get my Physics prescription by email, it will be against the rules.

Radio hides physical deficiencies, but on this occasion it is hiding something else. Stephen, you lost your voice seven years ago, will you tell me what happened?

I was in Geneva. It was the summer of 1985. To see Wagner’s ‘ring’ opera, I was preparing to go down to Germany, when pneumonia gripped me, I was rushed to the hospital. The people of the hospital in Geneva advised my wife that it is useless to keep the life support machine operational. But she did not agree to listen. I was airlifted to Edinbrux Hospital in Cambridge, where a surgeon named Roger Gray performed my throat operation (tracheotomy). That operation saved my life but my voice kept on going.

But during that time your voice was filling and you did not understand what you are saying. Is not it ?!. The ability to speak sounds like it was going to leave you after all, why?

Even though my voice was sinking and it was difficult to understand, people close to me understood me. I used to speak in seminars with the help of an interpreter and I could dictate the scientific prescription. But after some time after the operation, I was devastated. I felt that if I did not get my voice back then it is useless to live.

A California computer expert read about your agony and sent you a voice. How does it work?

His name was Walt Voltoz. Her mother-in-law’s condition was similar to mine, for which she had developed a computer program to help in conversation. Karsar rotates on the screen. At the option of your choice, one has to operate a switch as soon as it is brought, by turning the head or eyes or as in my case, by hand. In this way, the words marked at the bottom of the screen can be selected. Once you create what you want to say, it is sent to a speech synthesizer or saved on disk.

But this is a slow process.

Yes, it is slow, it is estimated that this speed is one tenth of the normal speed. But the speech synthesizer makes clear sound, clearer than before. Britons say its tone is American, but Americans say it is Scandinavian or Irish. But whatever it is, everyone understands it. My older children began to understand the same basic tone as my voice deteriorated, but my youngest son, who was just six years old at the time of my operation, never understood me before that. Now he has no problem. This thing is very important for me.

It is also believed that you have a better time to examine the questions of any interviewee and you need to answer only when you are ready properly, is it not so?

Broadly listening to the questions in such recorded programs helps, it also happens that I do not use many hours of recording tapes. In a way, I have more control over it, but I really like to answer questions spontaneously. This is what I do after seminars and lectures.

But as you said, this process means you have control and I know that this thing is very important for you. Your family and your friends sometimes call you a stubborn or bossy man. Would you like to say something on this that you are not like this?

Anyone who has the ability to think ever

Sometimes it is called stubborn or obstinate. I will say that I am determined. I would not have been here today if I was not clear of my intentions.

Have you always been like this

I want the same level of control over my life as other people do. It is usually that other people run the life of the disabled. No physically capable person would want this.

Let’s play your second record

Brahmin’s violin concert, this was the first LP I bought. It was in 1957 when 33 rpm records appeared in Britain. Buying a record player was a waste of money to my father, but I persuaded him that I would assemble a player by buying some parts and assembling them. This thing suits him like a Yorkshire person. In the case of an old 78 gramophone, I put a turntable and an amplifier. If I had kept it, it would have been priceless today.

After I made a record player, I needed something to play on it. A school friend advised Brahms violin records. Because no one had this in our school circle. I remember that it cost 35 shelling which was very high at that time, especially for me. The records have now become very high prices but in reality they are still very low prices.

When I first heard this record at a shop, I thought it was a strange sound. And I could not decide whether I like it or not. But I have to say that inside I felt that I like this record. Even after many years pass, it seems that I need it very much. I will play the initial part of slow motion right now.