CBSE leaked: old mistake and never used to learn

Believe, if Nehru prepares to deliver his popular speech ‘Trist with Destiny’ on the midnight of 14-15 August 1947, and at the same time Lord Mountbatten snatches the microphone from him and says, “I apologize to all of you, indeed the British The only draft of the Indian independence law has been stolen in Parliament. So all of you, please go to your house and wait for a few more months, during which we will prepare the draft again. ”

Delhi’s thrilled crowd and people from all over the country who are listening on the radio will be shocked. They would all shout in monologue- “This is not right.”

The same sentiments will be in the minds of millions of CBSE 10th and 12th students after the news of the paper leak. They will have to take the math and economics test again.

Why are matters so serious?

An examination known to every child going to school in India is a board examination. These examinations are taken after completing 10 and 12 years of school. These exams also become important because on the basis of these scores, admissions are made in colleges.

It has always been believed (while this is completely wrong) that board exams are everything in school life. This is the reason why not only the students but also their parents and family feel the pressure of these examinations. It would not be wrong to say that the whole family along with the students is giving board exams. In such circumstances, termination of board examination does not mean less than independence.

Whom to blame?

The entire charge of paper leak will be given directly to CBSE. In today’s time, security does not only mean protecting the paper boxes, but also digital security in which the hard drive of the question papers is also to be protected. There are thousands of ways to get question papers by illegal means. From hacking the CBSE server to taking pictures of the question paper to the security personnel, thousands of methods have been created. Due to this security lapse of CBSE, many nights of students and parents will get sleepless now what?

Along with the investigation, CBSE has ordered to take the examination of Mathematics of class X and Economics of class XII. The 12th exam date has been announced on April 25, while the exam date for the high school is yet to be announced. Many kinds of questions have been raised on this decision. The parents’ group has started a signature campaign against CBSE, in which an appeal is being made that the examination should not be taken again. Another fact that the paper has to be mathematics, in itself, increases everyone’s concern. Mathematics is a difficult subject for many children. At the end of Mathematics examination, a huge burden is removed from the faces and minds of children.

It also seems unjust in terms of children that children of ICSE and State Board are celebrating their homes and relatives here. They do not have to take the exam again. Their boards have managed to get a safe examination. It can be argued that most of the paper leak incidents are in the state boards but it is not in the eyes of the administration. This time only the children of CBSE have the burden of taking the exam again.

Well, whatever happened is done. Under these circumstances, CBSE has only one logical solution – re-examination. Those who had benefited unethically from the leaked paper, the rest of the children can be repaid only by taking the exam again. No matter how anxious it is to take the examinations again, it should be done before the college admission process. Also, it has to be kept in mind that the subject should remain fresh in the mind of the children and they do not need to make any additional preparations.

Lessons to be learned

Of course, it is going to be a lesson of a lifetime for the children that despite hard work, things did not happen according to them without any fault. It is also good to learn such lessons at an early age.

The big lesson for the system is not to take exam procedures in the near future or ever. A few years ago, when the Bihar board toppers were unable to answer some basic questions, it proves that only the CBSE system is not rotten. The leaking of the question papers of SSC examinations shows that even the institutions providing government employment are not in a better position.

It is necessary to investigate and punish the accused as soon as possible. Security system should be tightened around the examination procedures of India. This is not just a student examination. This is also a test for all of us.