Bullet was not a supporter of Bharat Bandh

The Dalit-Bahujan Samaj had announced a Bharat Bandh on Monday, April 2, against the change in the SC / ST Act. As the day progressed, reports of violence started coming from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh. Internet services were discontinued in Punjab. Videos of arson and barbaric police lathicharge started appearing on social media from across the country. Rail operations also stalled in many places. Market markets were also affected due to the shutdown. A total of nine people are reported to have died during the protest.

But by evening different stories started coming up in one part of the media about this spontaneous movement of Dalits. It was not only on the basis of arguments but also on the basis of caste, it gave a glimpse of the upper caste domination.

Actually, some parts of the media began to fabricate this video from a video from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. In that video, a person is openly firing bullets at people from a crowd through a revolver.

Firing demonstrator

A video from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh reached the audience through social media and TV channels. In it, a young man wearing a white shirt is shooting. The video is made up of hustle and bustle. In this, it is difficult to prove whether there is a protestor or not. Because he looks like a protestor in the crowd. The same video was shown on all the TV channels and websites and the debate was turned to the fact that under the cover of the bandh, the protesters were openly firing, committing violence.

While the truth was that the person shooting in the video is Raja Singh Chauhan. She is a Kshatriya. Raja Singh was not a Dalit protester, rather he was firing at the Dalit protesters. Many clues are found from Raja Singh’s Facebook account. However, now he has made his Facebook account private. But the photos and posts found on his Facebook page show that he is a staunch Hinduist, gun lover. He has shared the statement of BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya with his account. There are many pictures of him with swords and guns.

Negative interpretations of the Dalit movement began to be prominently displayed on prime time with photographs of violence and demonstrations. In Zee News Sudhir Chaudhary’s program DNA, the Dalit protesters were described as goons. He raised questions on Bharat Bandh. But in his program, police could not decide the responsibility of anyone after the brutality and the death of nine people. It was clearly stated in Sudhir Chaudhary’s program DNA that the protesters opened fire.

Republic tv

The Republic merged it into #DontLetIndiaBurn. Arnab said that this is a planned conspiracy to burn India before 2019. Also, he told the person who fired the bullet to zoom in and said that it is the mafia. He called the bandh and arson a riot and also said that it is a conspiracy to break India. They did not stop, according to them it is a civil war situation.

Aaj Tak also showed his ten o’clock show till ten and News Nation also called this person a Dalit protestor. This person remained a protestor for Times Now as well.

In digital media too, a protestor was written for the person shooting at the language level. There was little effort to explain the issue. The arguments of the opposition and opposition to the misuse of the Act were not debated.