Bhagat Singh: Communal riots and their treatment

The condition of India’s year is very pathetic at this time. Followers of one religion are known enemies of followers of another religion. Now being one religion is a staunch enemy of another religion. If you are not sure about this then just look at the latest riots in Lahore. How Muslims have killed innocent Sikhs, Hindus and how Sikhs have left no stone unturned.

The Communal Leaders

This killing was not done because such and such person is guilty, but because such person is Hindu or Sikh or Muslim. Just being a Sikh or a Hindu was enough for a person to be killed by Muslims, and similarly a person being a Muslim was a sufficient argument to kill him. When the situation is like this, God is the owner of India.

In such a situation, the future of India seems very bleak. These ‘religions’ have lost the fleet of India. And do not know yet when these religious riots will leave the pursuit of India. These riots have maligned India in the eyes of the world. And we have seen that everyone gets carried away in the flow of this superstition.

There is a rare Hindu, Muslim or Sikh, who keeps his mind cool, all the others hold sticks in their hands, swords and knives, and tear their heads together to maintain the glory of their Namleva religion. Die Others are hanged and some are thrown in jails. Due to so much bloodshed, the English government’s baton is applied to these ‘religious people’ and then the worm of their brain comes to life.

As seen here, communal leaders and newspapers are behind these riots. At this time, the leaders of India have made such a move that it is well done. The same leaders who had taken the lead to make India independent and who did not get tired of the ‘nationalism’ and ‘Swaraj-Swaraj’, are either sitting quietly in their heads or drowned in the flow of this bigotry. Have gone

Is the number of people sitting in the head hidden even less? But such leaders who have joined the communal movement, hundreds come out by digging the land. The leaders who want the best of all from the heart, there are very few such. And there is such a severe flood of communalism that they too are unable to stop it. It seems that the leadership bankruptcy in India has been beaten.

The other gentlemen who have been taking special part in instigating communal riots are newspaper people. The business of journalism was once considered very high. Today it has become very dirty. These people provoke people’s sentiments by giving them big headlines against each other and get mutual head fights. Not only in one or two places, in many places there are riots because the local newspapers have written very exciting articles. There are very few such writers, whose heart and mind are calm even on such days.

The real duty of newspapers was to educate, remove parochialism from within, eradicate communal feelings, promote mutual reconciliation and create a common nationality of India, but they did their main duty spreading ignorance, propagating parochialism, communalizing, fighting fights And it has made the common nationality of India to be destroyed. This is the reason that considering the present state of Bharatvarsha, tears of blood start flowing from the eyes and the question arises in the heart that ‘What will India become?’

Rise Of The Movement

Those who know the vigor and rise of the days of non-cooperation, see this situation and cry. Where were those days that glimpses of freedom were seen in front of them, Where is the day that Swaraj has become a dream. This is the third benefit that the rioters have got from these riots. Whose existence was threatened, that today has gone, gone tomorrow, the same bureaucracy today has strengthened its roots so much that it is no small task to move it.

If we find the root of these communal riots, then we know the reason for this is economic. During the days of non-cooperation, politicians and journalists made many sacrifices. His financial condition had deteriorated. At the slowing of the non-cooperation movement, there was a mistrust of the leaders, causing the business of many communal leaders today. Whatever work takes place in the world, there is definitely a question of stomach in its fold. This is one of the three major theories of Karl Marx. It is due to this principle that ‘Tablig’, ‘Tankeem’, ‘Shuddhi’ etc. organizations started and for this reason today we have such a plight, which is indescribable.

Simply, if anyone can cure all the riots, then it can only be done by improving the economic condition of India. In fact, the economic condition of the common people of India is so bad that one person can humiliate someone else by giving them a chawni. Fearful of hunger and misery, man puts all principles on hold.

True, what would you have done if you had died. But it is very difficult to get economic reform in the present situation because the government is foreign and does not allow the situation of people to improve. That is why people should wash their hands and follow it, and should not breathe peacefully until the government changes.

There is a need for class-consciousness to prevent people from fighting mutually. The poor, toiling people and peasants should clearly explain that your real enemies are the capitalists. Therefore, you should stay away from their handcuffs and do nothing to climb their hands. The rights of all the poor of the world, irrespective of their caste, color, religion or nation, are the same. It is in your goodness that you unite by eliminating the discrimination of religion, color, race and nationality and country and try to take the power of government in your hands.

The chains will be cut and you will get financial freedom.

Those who know the history of Russia, they know that there were similar conditions at the time of the Czar, there were also many communities who used to do mutual mutilation. But from the day there was labor rule, the map of the place had changed. Now, there have never been riots. Now everyone is considered ‘human’ there, not ‘Dharmajan’. The economic condition of the people was very bad at the time of the Czar. That’s why all the riots took place. But now the economic condition of the Russians has improved and class consciousness has come in them, so now there is no news of any riots from there.

In these riots, although very disappointing news is heard, but one thing came in great pleasure in the Calcutta Riots. That is that the workers of the trade union did not participate in the riots there and neither did they intermarry, But all Hindus and Muslims, with great love, kept trying to get up in factories etc. and also to stop the riots. This is because they had class consciousness and they knew their class interest very well. This is the beautiful way of class-consciousness, which can stop communal riots.

It is a joyous news to our ears that the young men of India are now getting fed up with such religions, which teach mutual fighting and hatred. There is so much openness in them that they treat the people of India from the point of view of religion – not Hindu, Muslim or Sikh, but consider them first as human beings, then Indians. The birth of these ideas in the youth of India shows that the future of India is golden. Indians should not panic after seeing these riots etc. They should strive not to create such an environment, and there should be no riots.

The martyrs of 1914–15 separated religion from politics. They believed that religion is a personal matter of a person, there is no interference of the other. Nor should it enter politics because it does not allow everyone to work together in one place. Therefore, movements like Ghadar Party should remain united and united, in which Sikhs climbed up on the Fansi and Hindus and Muslims also did not lag behind.

At this time some Indian leaders have also come into the field who want to separate religion from politics. It is also a beautiful cure to quarrel and we support it. If religion is separated then all of us can gather on politics. Regardless of religions, we may live separately.

We think that the true sympathizers of India will definitely consider our treatment and will save us from the suicides that are happening in India at this time.